A Go/No-Go Decision Time

What You'll Learn
  • Before bargaining, make sure there is a potential agreement better than your BATNA
  • The end of the Exchange Stage is a critical time for both parties

Near the end of the Exchange Stage is a critical time for both parties. You have a wealth of information, have developed rapport, and made judgments about trustworthiness, competency, likeability and alignment of interests. Now you have to decide:

Is it appropriate to move into the Bargaining Stage?

The majority of Go/No-Go decisions are made at this point in the Exchange Stage and early on in Preparation when you find information that is a "deal killer". The remainder of Go/No-go decisions are made in the Bargaining Stage.

What you don't want is to reach the Conclude Stage and have to execute your BATNAs. It happens occasionally when you have been deceived about the other party's interests, intentions or commitment, but is rare in collaborative negotiations.

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