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Negotiation Training for Project Managers

Move beyond simple compliance and achieve sustainable commitment and buy-in.

Program and Project Managers (PMs) don’t always think of themselves as negotiators, yet negotiating as a tool of influence, communication and conflict resolution is critical to their success. PMs are planners and problem solvers who bring structure, rationale, team building and urgency to ensure complex projects are delivered within budget and on schedule while meeting requirements. They must navigate conflicting priorities, risk mitigation, change orders, and missed deadlines. The successful PM must become a master negotiator to influence decisions across teams and stakeholders. From foundation to advanced skills and strategies, Watershed’s workshop participants explore scenarios of increasing complexity, with expert coaching and peer feedback that results in more confidence and skill as negotiators.

Learn through Engaging Exercises

Role Plays
Company-Specific Brainstorming
Company-Specific Case Studies
Planning Live Negotiations
Movie Clips
Recaptured Learning
Goal Setting

Negotiation workshops and conference sessions for PMs are tailored to engineers, IT, product development, construction estimators and superintendents, and other professional functions who manage major projects and lifecycle programs, as well as remote and cross-disciplinary teams.


Beyond the Gantt charts, automation software and technical expertise PMs utilize, negotiating skills are the differentiator that dramatically improves results. A Project Management Institute study concludes that a project’s success rate improves by approximately 40% when PMs develop the ideal skill set that includes business management skills.

Sample Learning Outcomes

Trading value across project dimensions
Pursuing needed resources with confidence
Moving from conflict to conversation
Presenting opening offers strategically
Trading outcomes to restrain scope creep
Getting past “No” to creating options
Promoting collaboration to resolve schedule and budget challenges
Building trust and relationships
Managing emotions during tense discussions
Managing and resolving conflict among stakeholders
Getting beyond internal customer indecision
Responding to internal customer objections
Avoiding common mistakes that damage credibility and trust
Getting beyond impasse
And more!

Why Program and Project Managers Choose Watershed’s Negotiation Programs

Watershed has served for over a decade as the negotiation curriculum for NASA’s renowned Academy of Program/Project & Engineering Leadership (APPEL). Let us bring the same understanding of PM to improve your PMs’ negotiations.

  • High impact workshops motivate new behaviors
  • Maximized audience engagement
  • Tailored to your industry and challenges
  • Improves teamwork and collaboration
  • Tools to build a core competency in negotiations among PMs
  • PMs solve conflicts in preferences, teams, resources and schedules

Adding negotiation skills to your PMs toolbox contributes to corporate savings and competitive advantage.

Empower your PMs with Impactful Negotiation Skills

Inspiring Keynotes & Conference Sessions
Intense Workshops for All PM Levels
Coaching for Individuals and Teams
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Watershed is with You for the Long Haul

Follow-up Support & Coaching
eTools for Planning Negotiations
Tools for Managers

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