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Negotiation Training for Professionals Across Job Functions

Business is filled with a myriad of decisions every day, and every professional function is more successful when the team member is effective at influencing decision making. Negotiating is the tool of influence that can be learned and even mastered. From foundation to advanced skills and strategies, Watershed’s workshop participants explore scenarios of increasing complexity, with expert coaching and peer feedback that results in more confidence and skill as negotiators.

Learn through Engaging Exercises

Role Plays
Company-Specific Brainstorming
Company-Specific Case Studies
Planning Live Negotiations
Movie Clips
Recaptured Learning
Goal Setting

Negotiation workshops and conference sessions are tailored for in-tact teams and mixed-function groups in a wide variety of job functions beyond those who buy, sell or manage projects. Negotiation is a career and life skill. Everyone can benefit from improved negotiation skills, such as HR, T&D, Operations, Analysts, Finance, Marketing, Consultants, Programmers, Health & Safety and Customer-facing teams.


Sample Learning Outcomes

Negotiating to influence
Understanding Positions vs Interests
Negotiating with confidence
What you need to know before coming to the Negotiating Table
Anticipating your counterpart’s behavior
Getting your team ready
Knowing when to compete, collaborate, or compromise
Presenting opening offers
Probing effectively
Avoiding common mistakes that damage credibility and trust
Trading value as you negotiate
Getting past indecision
Addressing stakeholder’s interests
Responding to offers
Leveraging power
Neutralizing your counterpart’s tactics
Overcoming objections
Capturing value as you close negotiations
Enhancing value and strengthening positions for future negotiations
Negotiating when you have no alternatives
and more!

Why Corporations Choose Watershed’s Negotiation Programs

  • High impact workshops motivate new behaviors
  • Maximized audience engagement
  • Tailored to your industry and corporate goals
  • Builds confidence and leadership
  • Tools that build a corporate competency in collaborative problem solving
  • Teams share learnings and build bridges across units

Empower Your Professionals with Impactful Negotiation Skills

Inspiring Keynotes and conferences
Intense Workshops for all levels
Coaching for Individuals and Teams
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Watershed is with You for the Long Haul

Follow-up Support & Coaching
eTools for Planning Negotiations
Tools for Managers

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