Best Negotiating Practices®

B2B Sales Negotiation Training

Sales professionals need negotiating skills, strategies and behaviors to earn customers’ trust. From foundation to advanced skills and strategies, participants explore sales negotiation scenarios of increasing intensity and complexity, with expert coaching and peer feedback. Sales negotiation workshops and conference sessions are tailored to your sales, business development, capture managers, and marketing organization challenges.

Learn through Engaging Exercises

Role Plays
Company-Specific Brainstorming
Company-Specific Case Studies
Planning Live Negotiations
Movie Clips
Recaptured Learning
Goal Setting

Sample Learning Outcomes

Persuading and trading value through sales cycle
Pursuing price increases with confidence
Presenting opening offers strategically
Responding to customer objections
Anticipating buyer behavior
Neutralizing procurement’s tactics
Getting past customer indecision
Re-negotiations in tough times
Leveraging power even when you don’t have it
Influencing stakeholder and buyer perceptions
Negotiating with customers you can’t afford to lose
Avoiding common mistakes that damage credibility and trust
Capturing value as your work to a close
Enhancing value and strengthening positions for future sales
and more!

Why Sales Teams Choose Watershed’s Negotiation Programs

  • High impact workshops motivate new behaviors
  • Maximized audience engagement
  • Tailored to your industry, market, and challenges
  • Supports corporate goals
  • Tools for sales managers to build corporate competency in negotiations
  • Sales teams capture new value and close more deals faster

Empower your Sales Professionals with Impactful Negotiation Skills

Inspiring Keynotes & Sales Meetings
Intense Workshops for All Sales Levels
Coaching for Individuals and Sales Teams
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Watershed is with You for the Long Haul

Follow-up Support & Coaching
eTools for Planning Negotiations
Tools for Managers

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