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Seminars and Keynotes — the curriculum of the Best Negotiating Practices Program

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Watershed's Best Negotiating Practices Training Program provides a Path to Excellence — a continuum of learning from fundamental negotiation skills and process to mastery of negotiation strategy.

Like great athletes and great leaders, every negotiator needs a solid foundation in the fundamentals, and benefits from a refresher of the Best Negotiation Practices. If your organization is serious about gaining competitive advantage through negotiations, our Path to Excellence provides the steps for learning at all levels.

Fundamentals Negotiation Workshop

Create and Capture Value As You Negotiate
Interactive skill-building for those negotiating with customers, suppliers, partners, and colleagues, participants improve their negotiation skills with practice and feedback: 1 & 2-days for intermediate and junior levels, tailored to your industry and groups’ professions. Delivered in English or en español.

Advanced Negotiation Workshops

Excellence in Negotiating
A deeper exploration of the fundamentals for skilled negotiators, participants focus on the drivers, styles and breakthrough strategies that provide competitive advantage: 1, 2 or 3-day tailored workshop. Delivered in English or en español.

Specialty Topic Negotiation Workshops

Managing Emotions As You Negotiate
An introspective of what drives emotional behavior, participants gain insight to their emotions and practical tools to manage emotions in negotiations: 1-day workshop

Best Negotiating Practices for Lawyers
Targeted for lawyers in private firms, government attorneys, and in-house counsel, participants move from unproductive arguing of positions to effective negotiating for value: 2 hours to 1-day workshop

Negotiation Seminars

Negotiation Seminars are Negotiation Workshops tailored for smaller groups. Some Watershed Associates customers are looking for more intimate and focused versions of our Negotiation Workshops. We consult with and train small classes with targeted advice and training to empower them, build their skills, facilitate their planning, and coach their negotiations.

Conference Events On Negotiating

Conference Session and meeting participants want the tools for conducting effective and efficient negotiations, and Watershed has provided everything from Keynote Speakers to full training sessions to meet these needs. Watershed’s Best Negotiating Practices ® conference sessions inspire even the reluctant to use the negotiating process to develop trust and reach mutually beneficial agreements.

Browse our extensive list of Negotiation Topics in our Negotiator's Learning Center as you consider your team's negotiation skill development needs.

Sales Negotiation Training and Sales Meeting Keynote Speakers

Sales conference negotiation sessions are tailored to your sales, business development (BD), capture managers, and marketing organizations. The Negotiation Experts at Watershed Associates can be your Sales Keynote Speaker or deliver sales focused Negotiations Workshops that have a proven record of increasing close rates for Sales teams.

Procurement Negotiation Training and Procurement Meeting Keynote Speakers

Procurement negotiation sessions are tailored to your Procurement, Sourcing, Supply Chain, Merchandising, Transportation and Logistics organizations. The Negotiation Experts at Watershed have provided Keynote Speakers and deliver tailored focused Negotiations Workshops that have a proven record of increasing the value gained in negotiations by procurement teams.

Online Negotiator's Learning Center

To learn more about the negotiation skills taught in our negotiation workshops, Watershed invites you to visit our Negotiator's Learning Center, an online negotiation curriculum that supports our negotiation workshop participants.

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