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Advancing Women Negotiators

Retain and develop your organization’s professional women by strengthening them as negotiators.

Despite being a robust constituency in the workforce at all levels, women often find themselves in male dominated professions, meetings or management levels where societal pre-conceptions or mores can hamper their success. Without the confidence and skill to overcome these obstacles, women negotiators can be at a disadvantage in these situations.

Watershed supports women professionals’ desire to change this dynamic by strengthening negotiating skills in an environment that

explores their on-the-job experience using negotiation strategies

invites input and feedback from female peers; and

is supported by coaching from female negotiation experts.

Global 1000 companies, law firms, Government and DoD, and professional women’s groups choose Watershed to provide negotiation training that focuses on the real-world challenges uniquely faced by women leaders and individual performers, with practical strategies to increase negotiation confidence and competency.

Women make up half of the world’s population, but don’t share in half the world’s leadership positions. Negotiation sessions targeted to women will drive change in this environment.


Sample Topics for Women Negotiators

From foundation to advanced skills and strategies, participants explore negotiation scenarios of increasing intensity and complexity, with expert coaching and peer feedback, underscored by a female perspective.

Why Many Women Negotiate Differently than Men
Understand what the academic research tells us
Explore inherent skills that women should leverage in negotiating
Identify real and perceived negotiation challenges women face
Women Don’t Ask, but can and Should
Anticipate the behavior of your negotiating partner
Plan your strategy and be open to change
Present opening offers with self-assurance
Shift Your View of Negotiation from Conflict to Conversation
Frame proposals to address the needs of your counterparts, team, and organization
Pair competence with a “communal” approach
Influence stakeholders to support your position
Rapport Building is a Typical Female Advantage
Adjust to consider when talking to men v. women
How to connect if you’re not in the sports fanhood conversation or guys’ golf game
Avoid common mistakes that damage credibility and trust
Bargaining is Not a Battle
Handle “manterruptions” and “bro-propriation” of your ideas
Respond to objections without losing your momentum or nerve
Optimize opportunities to persuade and trade
Capture value through creative concessions
Identify and neutralize hardball competitors’ tactics
Relationships Matter
Leverage power even when you don't have it
Build trust before, during and after the negotiation
Remember to negotiate for yourself as well as you do for others

Why Women’s Groups Choose Watershed's Programs to Improve Their Negotiation Skills

  • Women want to talk with other women about their unique challenges as Women Who Negotiate
  • High impact and high energy presentations that promote learning from shared experiences among women
  • Participant engagement that builds confidence and reinforces new behaviors
  • Tailored to your industry, specific negotiation challenges and group’s skill level
  • Expert facilitators who teach in male dominated professions bring a real world understanding of the unique dilemmas women face as negotiators
  • Designed and led by women with experience, practical advice and humor

Empower Your Women Negotiators with Impactful Negotiation Skills

Women’s Professional Groups Conference Sessions
Integration with Corporate Diversity Programs
Small group coaching for Women Negotiators
Explore Options

The Power of Negotiation Sessions Targeted to Women

Women: Develop confidence. Sharpen skills. Negotiate Now.

Having trained and consulted with 1000s of female and male professionals in negotiation skills, Watershed encounters women who are powerful negotiators, but who too often don’t draw on their innate negotiation skill set to achieve success. We bring an understanding of this reluctance and a strong belief in the value of women negotiating on their own behalf and for the benefit of their organizations.

Women are powerful negotiators, but too often don’t draw on their negotiation skill set to achieve success. Why is that? Going beyond the research provided by academics blaming gender-specific assumptions, cultural impact, demonstrations of lower confidence, and the real-life backlash of male counterparts, bosses, and colleagues, Watershed addresses the reality of what women uniquely face and how women can negotiate to get what they want.

Women make up half of the world’s population, but don’t share in half the world’s leadership positions. Negotiation sessions targeted to women will drive change in this environment.

Sample Women’s Forums Where We've Served
Academy Women
American Conference Institute’s Networking Forum for Women in Defense and Aerospace
American Institute of Architects
Berea College
Brown Brothers Harriman
Emory University Office of Clinical Research
Girls in Technology
Miles and Stockbridge
Notre Dame Women Connect
Power Conference for Women
Smith College Alumnae Association
University of Maryland School of Law Women’s Leadership Seminar
Washington Board of Trade Women in Business Speakers’ Series
Westover Women’s Conference
Women in Technology
Women’s Business Center (Maryland and Montgomery County conferences)
Women’s Center Annual Leadership Conference
Yale School of Environmental Science

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