Thomas Wood

Thomas Wood is the founder of Watershed Associates and coauthor of the negotiation workshop series, Best Negotiating Practices. Thomas conducts business negotiations for private industry, delivers negotiation workshops and speeches worldwide, and is a contributing writer for the business press. An international negotiation expert, Thomas leads Watershed’s consulting team.

With an extensive background in sales, product management, and engineering, Thomas brings a broad base of knowledge and practical experience to his clients. Previously, Thomas worked for Wang Laboratories, TRW, Computer Sciences Corporation, and NCR, with responsibilities in sales, managing and negotiating multi-million dollar contracts, developing marketing strategies, managing an international computer network, and designing computer networking products. Thomas also managed large accounts and negotiated domestic and international partnership agreements.

Thomas consults and teaches negotiations to large corporations across industries and the US Government. He serves clients globally around the world including in Australia, Bahrain, Brazil, Canada, China, France, India, Kuwait, Mexico, Panama, Switzerland, Thailand, UAE, UK, and USA.

As a community leader and advocate, Thomas facilitates public meetings among industry, government, and citizens to help promote consensus and solve problems in the community. Thomas received a Governor's Citation for his civic leadership in Maryland.

Thomas enjoys fishing and sailing with his family, and recreation throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed. He's also an amateur chef. Thomas is a graduate of RETS Institute of Technology where he studied electronic engineering and holds his BS from the University of Maryland in computer science and business.

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