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By Marianne Eby

For over 15 years clients in 30+ countries have come to Watershed for negotiation training and coaching. To ensure our workshop and webinar participants continue their negotiation skill development, we have provided clients with job aids, web-based advice services, and negotiation tool kits.

Today we launch Watershed's Blog, a conversational place where our workshop participants can share ideas and learn from their colleagues in other professions, companies and industries, as well as from Watershed's full team of negotiation experts.

Here at Watershed we sharpen our negotiation saw everyday by engaging with top negotiators around the world. We invite all former and future workshop participants to join in the conversation and improve your negotiation quotient.

The Watershed Negotiation Team

Negotiating Tip

When negotiating across cultures, it is far more useful to understand, respect and interpret another culture’s negotiating style than it is to attempt to imitate that style. 

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