What Can Obstruct Performance

What You'll Learn
  • Even the best of agreements can result in conflict during execution

Even the best of agreements can result in conflict during execution. Look out for these obstacles, and remember to apply the lessons learned from your first engagement to resolve issues and minimize conflict:

  • Contract/agreement clauses that aren't clear and lead to misunderstandings.
  • Naysayers/second-guessers in your organization or theirs that speak their lack of support late; hedge against this by keeping key stakeholders informed during the process and save your notes regarding what was traded for what and why.
  • Unforeseen events that justify re-negotiation of the agreement.
  • Minor issues that are ignored and gradually grow into larger problems.
  • Two sides stop engaging after the agreement is signed. You don't want to waste all the relationship capital built during negotiations. Keep in touch even when things are going well.

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