Preparation Quick Checklist

What You'll Learn
  • You can use a simple checklist to prepare for negotiation
  • Making a plan before negotiating is critical to ensure you create value

Use this checklist to prepare for your next negotiation. Add additional items that are critical to your situation.

  • Develop fact base
  • Define the scope
  • Identify and develop your team
  • Develop a timeline
  • Determine your wants and needs
  • Determine their wants and needs
  • Determine your desired outcomes and goals
  • Determine your Least Acceptable Agreement
  • Identify ALL interested stakeholders
  • Define the market/economic situation
  • List what is NOT negotiable
  • Predict the possible sticking points
  • Determine throw-away items
  • Plan the agenda and discussion points
  • Clarify your interests
  • Understand their interests
  • Define their goal and Least Acceptable Agreement
  • Identify options for mutual gain
  • Define possible independent standards for fairness
  • List your BATNAs
  • Identify ways you could improve your BATNAs
  • List their BATNAs
  • Determine whether your goals are aligned with your counterpart
  • Determine if the goals can be aligned
  • Anticipate their questions and be ready with responses
  • Assess legal and political risks

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