Offers and Proposals

What You'll Learn
  • You cannot negotiate an argument
  • You can negotiate proposals
  • Keep the other party engaged
  • Consider Multiple Economically Equivalent Offers
  • An offer or proposal compels a response

You cannot negotiate an argument. You can negotiate proposals. In fact, the most powerful thing you can do in a negotiation is make offers and proposals.

A major focus throughout the bargaining process is to keep the other party engaged. One way to achieve that is to be prepared to make many proposals throughout the process. By making an offer or proposal you are more likely to keep the other party involved in the process because the individual will have to respond to your offer.

Consider Multiple Economically Equivalent Offers

You can also restate a proposal in different terms than you originally offered. Simplistically you can rephrase. With more sophistication, you can present your offer in terms that are economically equivalent to your prior offer. No matter what happens, the party will have to respond. This is important because each offer or proposal is an opportunity to get closure or agreement.

An offer or proposal compels a response:

  • Accept
  • Counteroffer
  • Probe (sincere and thoughtful)
  • Crunch (simplistic and tactical)

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