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Negotiator Readiness Training — A Client-led Negotiation Workshop

Negotiator Readiness Training is a cost-effective learning tool that allows your staff to provide Watershed’s world-class negotiation training where, when and how you want it.

Watershed Associates, Inc. has led negotiation workshops across industries for clients worldwide for over 20 years. In response to rising interest in licensing content from the Watershed’s Best Negotiating Practices® Program, Watershed presents “Negotiator Readiness Training,” a curriculum on Negotiation Trainingfundamental negotiation process, skills and behaviors that is easily adaptable to your group.

Negotiator Readiness Training is a train-the-trainer tool for use in a modern workforce. This program can be effectively delivered by an assortment of your employees including Sales or Supply Chain team leaders who are practicing negotiators, or Learning & Development professionals. The program is designed for ease of use so that your employees can rely on our instructor support for delivery without having to take on this task as a second job. The only prerequisite is that your instructor have taken Watershed’s 2-day Create and Capture Value as You Negotiate workshop.

Benefits to In-house training delivery:

  • Cost-effective delivery for large workforces
  • Grooms team leaders to coach and mentor in negotiations
  • Allows schedule, module length and class size flexibility
  • Enables each team’s practical application
  • Supports skill refreshment for continuing development
  • No limit on number of attendees

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