Negotiation Testimonials

Most of our negotiation clients are repeat customers. If you are interested in what they have to say about our negotiation services, we can put you in touch. Or, read some of their comments below:

The program was very practical and usable. Liked the examples and use of video. The instructor’s presentation was excellent – strong content expert. Good pace of program. He kept it interesting with examples. We will integrate the program into our negotiation process. Good tool sets provided.

Giesecke & Devrient
VP Operations

The course will help me with more thorough preparation prior to negotiation sessions. The program was very informative and entertaining. The instructor’s presentation was excellent – loved the use of movie clips.

Giesecke & Devrient
VP Sales and Marketing

As much as I thought I already knew from years of experience negotiating, this program was able to refocus my attention to the process. It broke down negotiating into systematic, predictable, repeatable process. I will be more organized in my approach to negotiating. Instructor obviously did his homework on SuperValu. He knew our business goals and organizational structure well. He pulled industry and company specific lingo and scenarios into the seminar.

Business Development Manager

The training program had excellent content and material. The instructor had good interaction with participants. The instructor was fantastic and very knowledgeable through practical and learned experience. The speaker was very fluid in delivery. 

Curtiss Wright
Regional Operations

I thought the training program was very informative and enjoyable. I really enjoyed the exercises that allowed me to practice the learned skills. The presentation was easy to follow and definitely maintained my attention. I enjoyed some of the humor and thought the instructor was incredibly knowledgeable. 

Loyalty Account Manager

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