Negotiation Testimonials

Most of our negotiation clients are repeat customers. If you are interested in what they have to say about our negotiation services, we can put you in touch. Or, read some of their comments below:

I think that the format - WebEx session - worked very well. I would not change a thing. Ruth - your personality and energy came through and made the training very fun and lively - even though you could not see your students or their reactions…. the interactive session provided the forum for communication and instant feedback. Thanks so much for all your hard work and all the efforts that went into making this training possible…. you rock!!!

Agilent Technologies
Tax Auditor

 You are fabulous. Thank you for being an encouraging “coach.” Love it. Very professional.

Alcoa Australia
Procurement Team Lead

The training program was well presented, the enthusiasm helped maintain the audience attention. The instructor was fully prepared. 

ALIX Partners (London)
Vice President


Great materials and content. Instructors were very dynamic. Held interest throughout day, very credible.


ALIX Partners
Partners Director

Great training and did provide an excellent team building opportunity. It will encourage me and the organization to move to more structured planning. It will provide a common vocabulary for internal development of proposals. Presentation was a good mix of presentation and exercise that kept everyone engaged.

Chevron Phillips Chemical
General Manager

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