Procurement and Supply Chain Negotiation Training

Procurement negotiators working on a negotiation

Procurement Negotiation Training

Professionals in Supply Chain, Procurement, Sourcing, Merchandising and Logistics need negotiating skills, strategies and behaviors that engage sales counterparts with confidence and towards solutions, thereby achieving spend, risk mitigation and other goals, and earning the confidence of internal stakeholders.

   ♦  Inspiring Conference Sessions

   ♦  Intense Procurement Team Workshops

   ♦  Consulting and Coaching on Procurement Negotiations

Why procurement, sourcing and merchandising teams choose Watershed's negotiation programs

  • Immediate ROI
  • High impact and high energy presentation motivate new behaviors
  • Maximized audience engagement
  • Structured to support corporate goals
  • Tailored to your industry, categories, and challenges
  • We build skills and confidence to change behaviors
  • Tools for procurement managers to build corporate competency in negotiations
  • Procurement teams capture value beyond purely numbers and T&C's

Movie clips reinforce key negotiation take-aways

Film clips of negotiation in Hollywood moviesWatershed uses entertaining scenes from popular movies to display negotiation Dos and Don'ts. Seeing demonstrations of negotiating behaviors embeds the learning in an entertaining and memorable way.

Audiences love Watershed's strategic use of famous movie scenes!

Popular procurement negotiation workshop and conference topics

From foundation to advanced skills and strategies, participants explore procurement negotiation scenarios of increasing intensity and complexity, with expert coaching and peer feedback. Watershed focuses exclusively on negotiations, serving the needs of medium and large corporations, and trade and professional associations. 

Watershed works with teams to engage beyond standard negotiation tactics, and instead look for creative ways to gain value for your organization. Procurement negotiation workshops and conference sessions are tailored to your organization challenges:

  • Pursuing price reductions with confidence
  • A critical moment: opening offers
  • Understanding sales key drivers and approach to negotiations
  • Re-negotiation of existing contracts in tough times
  • Leveraging power even when you don't have it
  • Using Best Negotiating Practices® to strengthen supplier relationships
  • Negotiating with suppliers you can't afford to lose
  • Single and sole source supplier challenges
  • Closing back doors and unifying messages to suppliers
  • Capturing value as you work to a close

We also cover concerns such as leakage, risk mitigation, volatile markets and indices, commodities, embedded suppliers, managing internal stakeholders and demand for difficult suppliers, supplier investment, low cost country negotiations, and other typical procurement concerns. 

For retail merchants, we cover additional issues of placement, promotion, product, slotting and stocking fees, displays and overall category management challenges.

Typical negotiation session formats

  • Keynotes
  • General and Breakout sessions 
  • Half-day, full-day and multi-day negotiation workshops
  • One-on-one advice and coaching

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