Webinars on Negotiation

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Negotiation Webinars

Designed to meet the needs of a specific company, agency or organization, the Best Negotiating Practices® web seminars delve deep into critical skill areas and topics of unique interest to your negotiators. Complimenting our Negotiating Workshops, our Webinars offer an alternate delivery mechanism for many organizations.

Web seminars are effective:

  • To refresh class-room learning and skills
  • For deep exploration of the nuances around a negotiation topic and strategy
  • To reach geographically dispersed audiences, and
  • For groups with limited time for full-day workshops

Web seminars are delivered in 50 minute and 90 minute modules.

Online Negotiation Training

As a supplement to our instructor-led negotiation workshops and our negotiation webinars, clients take advantage of online negotiation training through our Negotiator's Learning Center. Your team can use the Negotiator's Learning Center to refresh the fundamentals or dive deeper into special negotiation strategies and topics.

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