Negotiation Seminars

Negotiation Seminars

Negotiation Seminars : negotiation workshops designed for small groups  

Some Watershed Associates customers are looking for more intimate and focused versions of our Negotiation Workshops. We consult with and train small group with targeted advice and training to empower them, build their skills, facilitate their planning, and coach their negotiations.

Who benefits from our negotiation seminars?

Intact groups - Participants who generally work together and in the same job function, such as strategic sourcing, sales account executives, program managers. We train intact groups in these negotiation seminars with more focus on their specific negotiation challenges, internal hurdles and market obstacles.

Negotiation Seminar team in business suits at soccer goalNegotiating Teams - Participants assigned to a team, comprised of various professional functions (such as lead negotiator, PM, analyst, finance, legal, risk, procurement, etc.), which is working together on an upcoming negotiation. Watershed helps negotiating teams by:

  • Training the team in core negotiation skills and targeted negotiation strategies that will improve the negotiations.

  • Facilitating the team's planning for a specific negotiation, establishing team roles and responsibilities, and developing deal specific bargaining strategies.

  • Developing role-play exercises for the team to practice specific negotiation conversations with the other side.

  • Advising the team between bargaining sessions.

  • Leading debriefs after the deal is struck.

Executives - Executive teams often want to have a small group negotiation seminar separate from their subordinate organizations, with a higher level of strategic discussion and privacy, enabling the executives to:

  • Become familiar with their organization’s training in negotiations so they can provide effective tone from the top messaging and support, to build a core competency throughout their teams;

  • Share both internal and external negotiation challenges with peers who are similarly focused on the company’s strategic goals;

  • Benefit from confidential discussions with peers about internal team competencies and negotiation challenges; or

  • Explore organization-wide changes that may impact their teams’ negotiating skill competency, behavioral drivers (compensation, performance reviews), and processes.

In-house Negotiation Experts- Organizations invest in select performers to become their black belt cadre of negotiators. In these negotiation seminars, we challenge a high performing group of negotiators to the next level in negotiation skill. The participants are students of the art and science of negotiation, and welcome the opportunity to refresh and hone their skills by learning from like-minded performers. They become better mentors, coaches and negotiation consultants to the organization.

Are there other formats for the Watershed negotiation seminars?

We arrange negotiation seminars in formats to meet your needs — from phone coaching to intensive workshops to long term consulting assignments. Contact us to discuss what is the right engagement format for your organization.

Need a large group Conference or Meeting Session (50 - 500 attendees)

Need a Negotiation Workshop (12 - 30 participants)?

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