Negotiation Experts is Who We Are

Watershed Associates is a team of negotiation experts working with clients worldwide and across industries.

Negotiation Experts

Negotiating is what we do. Members of the Watershed team bring their mastery of negotiation skills and strategy to our negotiation training and consulting practice. We have refined our craft by negotiating hundreds of agreements over the last two decades.

Program Developers

Our program developers represent a comprehensive blend of seasoned business and sales executives, trainers, attorneys, storytellers, and theorists. We regularly refine our programs through focused shared learning with clients and amongst ourselves. As a result, we remain a small specialist company operating as a close-knit group of negotiation experts, each contributing their own experience and negotiating skills to our negotiation training and consulting practices.

Negotiation Training Experts

Our team of experienced professional negotiators are also talented trainers and facilitators. Our delivery is humorous, practical and focused. We enjoy teaching and coaching, so we arrive early and stay late, and offer continuing advice to negotiation workshop participants. Our programs reflect a master mix of content and performance with enormous take-away value aimed at producing lasting, desired results.

Come meet us. We're looking forward to meeting you.

Thomas A. Wood Thomas Wood
Consultant Team Leader
Märianne Eby, Esq Märianne Eby, Esq.
Director, Legal Arena
Marcelo Morichi Marcelo Morichi
Director, Latin America
Stuart Shlossman Stuart Shlossman
Leslie A. Mulligan Leslie Mulligan
Dan Isbister Dan Isbister
Federal and Government Contracting
Cait Clarke, Esq. Cait Clarke, Esq.
Legal Consultant
Carrie Cameron, Ph.D. Carrie Cameron, Ph.D.
Cross Cultural Consultant
Neil Shister Neil Shister
Advisor, Writer & Editor
Cari Keller Cari Keller

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