Negotiation Training FAQs

  1. What negotiation training and other services does Watershed Associates provide?
  2. Can negotiation seminars and speeches address our particular business or industry?
  3. How does Watershed Associates tailor a negotiation workshop?
  4. What sets Watershed apart?
  5. Does Watershed Associates have a GSA contract for negotiation workshops and consulting?
  6. What does "speaking" involve?
  7. Who hires you?
  8. Are negotiating and dispute resolution the same thing?
  9. What adult learning techniques does Watershed Associates use?
  10. What will negotiation workshop participants learn?
  11. What are advanced negotiation seminars?
  12. How does emotional intelligence fit in?
  13. Are Watershed's fees negotiable?
  14. What organizations have used Watershed's negotiation workshops and services?
  15. Does Watershed offer negotiation training in languages other than English?
  16. How can I better prepare for my upcoming Workshop, or just study negotiations on my own?


1) What negotiation training and other services does Watershed Associates provide?

Negotiation workshops, speeches and consulting.

2) Can negotiation seminars and speeches address our particular business or industry?

Yes. We prepare by learning your industry, your demographic and business culture, and your group’s specific negotiation challenges. Then, through tailored role plays and case studies, and extensive discussion with participants, your negotiation team learns how to negotiate better immediately.

3) How does Watershed Associates customize a negotiation workshop?Negotiations Questions

We talk to you to learn your organization’s culture, business model, goals and obstacles to success as we provide the right level of tailoring and customization of the negotiation workshops to meet your needs.

  • We conduct telephone interviews of folks you identify.
  • We research your industry and company, as well as the demographic, culture and economy in which you operate and negotiate.
  • We develop negotiation case studies and role plays just for you.
  • We coach participants, and if you want more, we’ve even been known to assign homework.
  • And unlike our competitors, we provide negotiation workshop participants with continuing advice on specific challenges.

4) What sets Watershed apart?

Experience. Tailored delivery. Advice service.

  • First, we are experienced negotiators. Our experts know the negotiating process inside-out because they have practiced it in business for decades. Our real world business negotiation experiences include:

    • international and domestic sales negotiations
    • intra-organizational negotiations
    • procurement negotiations
    • project management negotiations
    • day-to-day business transactions and contract negotiations
    • legal negotiations
    • healthcare negotiations

Only skilled negotiators who have a talent for training and facilitating make it onto our team.

  • Second, after extensive research of your business challenges, we tailor our negotiation workshops and speeches to address your needs, developing original role plays case studies just for your audience.

  • Third, we provide continuing advice to negotiation workshop participants through email and telephone. And, we do it with speed, returning you to the negotiating table with a creative solution or sharpened negotiation strategy.

5) Does Watershed Associates have a GSA contract for negotiation workshops and consulting?

Yes. We hold a GSA contract, contract number GS-10F-0093P. This contract is available for use by all U.S. Government agencies, State governments, District of Columbia, Department of Defense and government affiliates. Please contact us to request Watershed's GSA catalog for negotiation training and consulting.

6) What does "speaking" involve?

Speakers bureaus and meeting planners hire us to deliver keynote, general session, break-out and concurrent session negotiation speeches at industry, professional, and company-specific conferences. Our entertaining approach provides a winning combination of inspiration to actively negotiate, and take-away value to be better at negotiating tomorrow.

7) Who hires you?

Sales and purchasing managers, human resource and training professionals, operations professionals, conference planners, project and program managers, and strategic sourcing consultants are our most consistent customers for negotiation training.

8) Are negotiating and dispute resolution the same thing?

negotiating QuestionsNo. Dispute resolution is a formalized process needed when the deal goes bad, usually because the parties failed to build a relationship as the underlying mission of the negotiation. At Watershed Associates, we emphasize using the negotiation process to build trust. The negotiation process is less formalized and depends on the caliber of a person's negotiation skills. The relationship you create in the negotiation process and at the negotiating table will be replicated when post-agreement issues arise, helping you to minimize the need for formal dispute resolution.


9) What adult learning techniques does Watershed Associates use?

Organizational development and training professionals consult with us to ensure that our negotiation workshop format and tools enhance learning with the integration of participant-centered, collaborative, active, affective, and facilitated learning principles.

  • We engage participants about their real world challenges with group negotiation activities, case studies, role plays, exercises, and reflective time to discuss lessons learned.
  • We de-brief you. Basic and customized negotiation role plays and case studies are extensively reviewed so participants learn from facilitated discussion, group practice and participatory analysis.
  • The objectives are clearly stated at the start of the negotiation workshop and we pace our delivery to accomplish your goals.
  • Our negotiator’s reference guide is easy to read, provides space for note taking and reflection, and is useful long after the negotiation workshop has ended.
  • Handy work aids promote continuing practice in business negotiations, as well as in personal negotiations.
  • We provide extensive follow-up support with customizable tools, coaching and our online negotiation curriculum so you can build your team's core competency in negotiation strategy and skills.

10) What will negotiation workshop participants learn?

  • The impetus needed to overcome a natural reluctance to bargaining.
  • The tools to negotiate (planning, negotiation strategy and tactics).
  • The value of creating enduring win-win relationships while finalizing agreements.
  • The art of creative approach, from introductions to proposing winning negotiation solutions.
  • A solid foundation in negotiation skills and the confidence to use them.
  • Advanced negotiations strategy, behaviors and skills.

11) What are advanced negotiation seminars?

Skill building for the active practitioner. Sample of topics include:

  • Creativity and Innovation in Negotiating
  • Leveraging power in negotiations
  • Understanding negotiating styles
  • Dynamics of Team Negotiations
  • Managing Emotions as You Negotiate™
  • Going Global: Cross-cultural Negotiations
  • Negotiating with Hardball and Irrational Negotiators
  • Negotiating with Customers and Suppliers You Can’t Afford to Lose
  • Negotiating Across Multi-media: Phone, Fax and Email
  • Negotiating with Difficult and Emotional People
  • Single and Source negotiations

12) How does emotional intelligence fit in?

It’s an advanced negotiation subject. People resist negotiating in many cultures even after extensive negotiation skills training. Successful negotiators have high emotional intelligence, or EQ, that allows them to naturally build the relationships and trust so critical to business and personal success. High IQ gets you in the door; high EQ keeps the door open.

13) Are Watershed's fees negotiable?

Yes, everything’s negotiable. But don’t exhaust yourself negotiating everything.

  • Negotiation workshops are fixed price for up to 18 participants. The price includes our extensive preparation, role plays, work aids, a comprehensive negotiator’s reference guide, and follow-up coaching, support and advice.
  • Negotiation workshop fees are negotiable for guarantees of multiple bookings and mutually beneficial terms.
  • Speech fees are based on location and audience composition. Multiple sessions at one conference are often discounted.
  • Consulting fees are negotiated based on desired services and project scope.
  • Travel is billed separate, and we’re happy to stay where your team stays.
  • 50% of fee is required upon confirmation of date. First payment is forfeited upon cancelation, unless rescheduled within three months.

14) What organizations have used Watershed's negotiation workshops and services?

  • 5 of the Fortune Top 10 
  • Multi-national companies like Pepsi and Halliburton
  • Finance and investment kings like TD Financial and JP Morgan ChaseQuestions on Negotiations
  • The Project Management guru - NASA
  • Human Resource and OD professionals at ASTD and SHRM
  • Consulting firms like A.T. Kearney and Accenture
  • Associations like ISM and National Association of Home Builders
  • Technology kingpins like Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard
  • Energy companies like Westinghouse and Duke Energy
  • Petroleum giants like Chevron and Marathon Petroleum
  • Educators like University of Maryland, Cornell and Yale University
  • Defense contractors like General Dynamics and Curtiss Wright
  • Pharmaceutical companies like Abbott and Biogen Idec
  • Leading nonprofits like Pew Charitable Trusts and Silicon Valley Leadership Group
  • Telecommunications companies like XO Communications and US Cellular
  • Aerospace giants like Northrop Grumman and Rockwell Collins
  • Retailers like Nordstrom, SUPERVALU, and Saks
  • Insurers like State Farm and Nationwide
  • Industrial manufacturers like 3M and Illinois Tool Works
  • Automotive giants like Chrysler and Ford
  • Construction companies like Grunley and Masco
  • U.S. Government agencies like the U.S. Army, FDA, DOJ and Treasury

See our client list.

15) Do you offer negotiation training in languages other than English?

Workshops are offered in Spanish and English. Watershed delivers negotiation workshops in Spanish throughout Latin America (also Spain and Africa). We provide delivery in Spanish for many multi-national and regional companies and organizations.

16) How can I better prepare for my upcoming workshop, or just study negotiations on my own?

The Negotiator's Learning Center is an online comprehensive resource providing pre- and post-workshop access for our Clients' convenience. The Negotiator's Learning Center is mobile friendly. 

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