Optional Topics for Advanced Negotiation Workshop

Watershed offers an assortment of modules that can be used in our advanced negotiation workshop, Excellence in Negotiating. We work with you to select the most appropriate agenda to strengthen your seasoned negotiators.

Advanced Negotiation Workshop Topics
Cultural Considerations and Safe Skills* Competitive negotiations 
Negotiating for internal resources Negotiating with governments
Market perceptions of procurement and sales The truth about lying
Negotiation team dynamics Managing impasse and avoiding deadlock
Clues at the bargaining table Multilateral negotiations
Probing intensive The power of the positive “no”
Legal considerations* Turning difficult conversations into successful negotiations
Managing emotions – yours and theirs* Ethics in negotiating
Most common tactics Negotiating as a corporate capability
Sole and single source supply negotiations  Email, texting, voice mail and telephone negotiations

*Watershed also offers full-day courses in Managing Emotions as You Negotiate, and Best Negotiating Practices for Lawyers.

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