Custom Negotiation Workshops and Seminars

Customization of our negotiation workshops keeps clients coming back

Customization of our Negotiation Workshops makes the negotiation training more applicable and impactful for our Clients. Customization comes in two primary forms:

  1. Standard Negotiation Workshop Tailoring we do for every engagement.
  2. Custom Negotiation Workshop Content Development is for organizations looking to address specific challenges or that want to focus on specific Negotiation Scenarios.

Standard Negotiation Workshop Tailoring

Custom Negotiation WorkshopsFor every Negotiation Workshop our Negotiation Experts go through a process that entails:

  • Organization Information and Document Review,
  • Interviews,
  • Content and Module Optimization, and
  • Exercise Selection.

This tailoring process assures your workshop is targets your Industry, organization, and your group's professional function and skill level.

Information Review: We review documents such as sales, sourcing, PM process, template contracts, vendor/spend/category analysis, customer/market survey/analysis, ethics policy, organization chart, C-suite messages and any documents your organization thinks will help us prepare for your engagement. We also review annual reports, website, industry press, current media reports, etc. We pull from our extensive industry experience to understand and address your Negotiation Challenges.

Interviews: Watershed Experts conduct interviews with your designated staff representatives. (For some clients this is two leaders, and for others it involves a variety of stakeholders.) We make it easy for you by arranging the interviews and providing sample questions to your designees.

Negotiation Content and Module Optimization: We use the gathered insights and information to understand your negotiating environment and your participants’ challenges. With that understanding in mind, we arrange our workshop modules to target your needs and refer in class to scenarios that are relevant to your negotiating environment and challenges. We also select role plays and exercises from our extensive library to reflect the general environment (i.e., manufacturing, consumer packaging, wholesale, oil& gas, healthcare, etc); the professional function of your participants (sales, procurement, project managers, operations, etc); and your participants’ specific negotiating challenges.

Throughout the workshop, the material is also tailored by nature of the activities selected, such as:

  • participants fill out a planing sheet on an upcoming company negotiation;
  • participants develop a list of low cost high value trades that are useful in their upcoming negotiations;
  • participants engage in 360 feedback on their bargaining behaviors;
  • and many others.

Custom Negotiation Workshop Content Development

Custom chopper motorcycle for a negotiatorSome Watershed customers go beyond our standard course tailoring and have us customize workshops to address specific negotiating scenarios and challenges their organization faces. For additional customization fees, Watershed's Negotiation Experts work with your group to address your specific situation and goals. These customization efforts can take many forms, including:

  • Custom role plays that reflects your unique environment, or negotiating challenge
  • Incorporation of your sourcing/sales/PM processes into our standard course material
  • Customization of our negotiating planning tools to incorporate your terms and special issues
  • Pre-workshop survey questions to gain insights on skills, concerns, pressures, examples, etc.
  • Pre- and post-workshop self-assessments to gauge negotiation skill and confidence levels, with metrics to support your ROI
  • Post-workshop coaching and negotiation webinars

Browse our extensive list of Negotiation Topics in our Negotiator's Learning Center as you consider your team's negotiation skill development needs.

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