Learning Objectives for Create and Capture Value as You Negotiate™ Workshop

General Objectives

This two-day workshop identifies and develops the negotiating and bargaining skills necessary for today’s global, dynamic business environment. Business professionals must be able to effectively negotiate agreement when revenue, relationships, budgets, performance standards, priorities, and due dates are at stake in order to meet and exceed established organizational goals. Attendees will thoroughly explore and learn "real world" negotiation techniques critical to today’s decision making process and improved performance.

This workshop is highly interactive, with a focus on the challenges faced in your unique negotiating environment. We provide a safe setting for you to learn from shared experiences of your colleagues, practice your skills in increasingly demanding negotiations, and plan a future negotiation. Use this workshop to overcome your negotiating challenges and enhance your performance.

Participant Learning Objectives

In future work situations where one must reach agreement to attain organizational goals given the constraints of time, money, and people, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the role collaborative negotiations play in today's business relationships.
  • Overcome any natural reluctance to negotiate.
  • Define and set desired outcomes, goals, least acceptables, and alternative options.
  • Manage ego and trust issues to assure a successful negotiation.
  • Understand the difference between positions and interests and satisfy interests.
  • Analyze and select negotiating strategies to favor your situation.
  • Plan negotiations more strategically and comprehensively.
  • Know how and when to make concessions, and avoid making unnecessary ones.
  • Use the Negotiator’s Probe and other tools to conduct creative concession bargaining and overcome impasses.
  • Effectively diffuse emotional situations and maintain positive negotiating climates.
  • Effectively manage team negotiating situations.
  • Eliminate the most common negotiation mistakes.
  • Use creativity and value-based negotiating to achieve successful closure.
  • Define, use when appropriate, and defend against common tactics. 

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