Agenda for Create and Capture Value as You Negotiate workshop

Two-Day Workshop Sample Topics

I. Introduction and Expectations

  • Characteristics of master negotiators
  • Your negotiation strengths 
  • Participant expectations
  • Why negotiate?
  • Situation Awareness 

V. Information Exchange and Validation

  • Build rapport and learn their interests
  • Credibility, trust, competency, and likeability
  • Probe to verify assumptions and get information
  • Go/No-Go decision
  • Develop a joint agenda

II. Framework for Negotiations

  • Principles of collaborative negotiations
  • Stages of negotiation
  • Interest v. positions
  • Negotiating Envelope

VI. Nuances of Negotiating

  • Common tactics: use and defense
  • Managing authority
  • Emotional and hostile negotiators
  • *Optional modules

III. Bargaining

  • Opening proposals
  • Strategies for when to open first
  • Making and managing concessions
  • Probing and Crunching
  • Patience and the role of time
  • Problem solving with creative concessions
  • Your low cost, high value concessions
  • Summarize negotiations

VII. Conclude Negotiations and Execution

  • Strategies to secure commitment 
  • Summarize negotiations
  • Performance depends on relationship outcome
  • Application of learning during execution

IV. Preparation

  • Research of facts, people and benchmarks
  • Analysis of information
  • Defining and anticipating Negotiating Envelopes
  • Planning to build a relationship
  • Practice planning for your negotiation

VIII. Closing

  • Individual action plans
  • Support for tomorrow and beyond
  • Workshop wrap-up

*Optional Modules
Email, Texting and Phone Negotiations, Team Dynamics in Negotiations, Gaining and Leveraging Power, Introduction to Cross-cultural Negotiations, Negotiating Styles Assessment, Sole Source and Limited Supply Channel Negotiations, The Truth about Lying, Dealing with Irrational and Difficult Negotiators, Negotiating with Governments, Legal Considerations in Negotiations, and Negotiating for Internal Resources. 

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